Every person using any weight or measure in any transaction shall present such weight or measure for verification or re-verification at the office of the Stamping Inspector or at such other camping centres as the Inspector may specify in this behalf within the quarter in which the verification falls due.  Where any weight or measure is such that it cannot be moved from its location and is dormant, the Inspector will take necessary steps for the verification or re-verification, in its place. The user should either provide such facilities to transport test weights and measures from the office of the Stamping Inspector as may be required by the Inspector or bear the conveyance chargesalong with Additional fee if applicable.

The Inspector shall stamp every weight or measure or weighing or measuring instruments after verification.  The verification of weights and measures includes the process of comparing, checking, testing or adjusting such weight or measure with a view to ensuring that such weight or measure confirms to the standard established by or under Legal Metrology Act.

The stamping is being done with a stamp of uniform design issued by the Controller to the Inspectors which shall indicate the unique number allotted to the Inspectors.  The Inspector shall also mark the year and its quarter of stamp on every verified weight or measure.

On completion of verification and stamping, the Inspector shall issue a certificate of verification.

By way of the above procedure the Legal Metrology wing ensures metrological accuracy of weights, measures, weighing and measuring instruments by original verification and by re-verification at periodical intervals ranging from one year to five years.


  • All types of weights
  • All types of measures
  • Electronical and Mechanical weighing instruments
  • Fuel dispensers
  • LPG dispensers
  • Auto/Taxi meters
  • Storage Tanks
  • Tank Lorry calibration
  • Flow meters
  • Batch weigher’s
  • Pouch packer/filling machines
  • Automatic Rail weigh Bridges
  • Weigh Bridges.