• Metric System is the only standard legal system of Weights and Measures in India.  Remember that use of old units of measures such as Padi, Marakkal, Aazhakku, foot, inch dozen etc is illegal.
  • Ask for price per kilogram, litre, metre etc., and refuse to buy any commodity in terms of old units.
  • Buy in definite metric quantities and not by money worth.
  • Buy your requirements in round metric units, like 10 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams, 1 Kilogram etc.  Avoid the use of the word Kal(1/4) or quarter.  This way your calculations become easier because our coinage is also decimal
  • Ask for your requirement of cloth in centimetre/metre only.
  • When buying ready made clothes buy only metric measurements and not by sizes.
  • Before purchase, ensure stamps are affixed on Weights or measures used in trade.  The stamp on them is a guarantee of accuracy.
  • While selling waste paper, see that verified and stamped scales and weights are used.  Use of unstamped scale can lead to cheating through manipulation by hand.
  • Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene pumps are periodically checked by the Assistant Controllers(DIL) for supply of accurate quantity of oil.  In case of suspected short delivery, report the matter to the nearest Deputy Inspector of Labour or Assistant Commissioner of Labour or Controller of Legal Metrology, Chennai.
  • Insist on correct delivery at every purchase.  Short delivery is punishable under Law.
  • Fraudulent use of Weights and Measures is punishable under Law.
  • Insist for correct delivery of commodities sold through Fair Price Shops.  In case of any short delivery noticed at Ration Shops, the fact can be reported to nearest Assistant Inspector of Labour(LMO), Deputy Inspector of Labour (ACLM) or Assistant Commissioner of Labour (DCLM).
  • While buying cooking gas, see that the net content is marked on the cylinder and the seal on it is intact. 
  • While buying packaged commodities note the name and address of the Manufacturer/Packer/Importer, Net contents of the product stored, Maximum Retail Price (including all taxes), Date of Manufacturing, Expiry date or best before, e-mail id, complete address for making a complaint.
  • Selling of packaged commodities above the M.R.P is offence
  • Report suspected in accuracy, Excess pricing, Short delivery and violations of the Weights and Measures law to the following address.

The Controller of Legal Metrology, O/o The Commissioner of Labour, DMS compound, Teynampet, Chennai 600 006.
E-mail -  clmchennaitn@gmail.com
Phone : 044 – 24321438,
Consumer Portal - 


If any consumer wants to complain relating to Legal Metrology issues, Packaged commodities Rule deficiencies by way of clicking the following link ( for website complaint) or download the TN-LMCTS Mobile APP using the following steps.

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